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Calrendar is an open source freeware program for rendering print quality calendars. It is currently in beta stage, which means that it may still be sensitive and can break at one point or another if you do not treat it like it was supposed to. The output from the program is PDF (thanks to Apache FOP 0.95), which comes bundled with the program. Below are some examples of what the program can do.

Swedish flag

Swedish calendar example
Swedish example image 45kB
Swedish example PDF 5MB

Norwegian calendar example
Norwegian example image 45kB
Norwegian example PDF 5MB

United States calendar example
US example image 45kB
US example PDF 5MB

Images used in the example calendars are taken by Siv Samuelsson. The program itself is licensed by CC-GNU GPL, but the resulting calendars are license free. That means, if you can make a buck by using the program, so much the better for you. If you improve the program, you will either send me the improvements or release your own program under the same license.

The following countries calendars are currently supported: Sweden, Norway, and United States


Calrendar 0.98 beta setup (2009-06-29)
This is a Windows installer that will install the Calrendar program on your computer. It has been tested on Windows XP and Vista. You will need .NET 2.0 or later installed to run the program and Java to render from XSL-FO to PDF using FOP.

Calrendar 0.98 beta source code (2009-06-29)
This is the source code for Calrendar. It is a Visual Studio solution file containing the source code for the graphical interface in VB.NET and the code for producing calendars in XML with XSLT.

Lars Rönnbäck